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On August 14, 2019
The times are changing – so are our cars


Drive down any suburban street, brave the school drop-off or visit your local shopping centre, and you’ll notice a new vehicle of choice, the SUV.

Sports Utility Vehicles have been taking the place of family sedans or wagons in driveways across Australia for the best part of the last decade. The latest VFACTS figures support this: of 83,184 new car sales in July 2019, 37,894 (45%) of these were SUV sales*. These figures come in a climate that has seen a decline in new vehicle sales for 16 months straight year-on-year.

Nissan has invested heavily in a product range that features predominantly SUVs. Holden has introduced us to the slogan “This is how we SUV”, a far cry from “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday” which relieved many a dealership of Chargers, Monaros, Falcons, Toranas and Commodores based on a brand’s performance on The Mountain.

SUVs traditionally appealed to families who were looking for the perfect runabout. Something that you could load the kids and the shopping into during the week, but offered the freedom to hook up a caravan and pack the family pets for a weekend getaway. The size of SUVs is no longer standard and we find they come in fun size, like the Mini Countryman, or in more robust versions like the ‘Family Truckster’.

What’s my verdict?

The family man in me is enticed by the versatility, but my inner motor enthusiast won’t settle so easily. No doubt they are here to stay, each model looking sharper, sleeker and more futuristic than the last. The Tesla Model X with Gull Wing doors is an example.

Our Eziway Leasing Special Offers always feature a selection of SUVs and the market is awash with choice. Be sure to check them out here.



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