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On October 16, 2019
The weekends present great opportunities for all of us to spend some much needed time with our pride and joys


Car lovers have been blessed recently with events including International Name your Car Day, Melbourne’s Motorclassica and Mount Panorama’s Bathurst. So, the Eziway Car Club thought it would be the perfect time to talk about how some of us enjoy our weekends.

It’s Sunday Morning and Old Mate down the road is tinkering in the shed planning an attack on his garden. Two houses up and Norm is setting off to spoil a beautiful walk hauling a golf bag around 18 holes. At my place, however, the family are still sleeping.

Unlike my green-thumbed neighbour, the only noise coming from my yard this weekend will be from a 10 Tooth Hi-Torque Bosch Starter Motor, as it fires up ’The Weekender‘, putting a smile on my dial. From there the agreement is simple, get me to a place where the coffee is good, the company is great and the chrome is shiny.

As the weather forecasts a little more sun and a little less rain, social media calendars are filling with events for the motoring fraternity to get together and celebrate all things motorised. Whether your passion is two wheels or four, chrome bumpers or plastic fantastic, there is something for everyone and the rules are simple: Admire and Respect, but Please Do Not Touch.

We work hard to keep our pride and joys on the road, ensuring the mantra “driven not hidden” stays well and truly alive. As we mentioned in our previous article, Eziway Car Club is inviting our members to join us at our very own car show, held at the Eziway’s Head Office, 1/99 Bald Hill Road, Pakenham. The event kicks off from 10:00am on Sunday, 10 November and you can RSVP here.

To prepare for the months of car shows ahead, we have put together our guide on how to get your automobile gleaming because we know, that you know, a clean car is a happy car.

Eziway Car Club’s car washing guide

1 – Buckets… The more, the merrier

Using two buckets reduces the chance of mixing clean water with the dirty. One should contain just water to rinse your sponge or mitt and the other, soap to wash away the worries.

2 – Drop it and forget it

If you drop your sponge, mitt, chamois or cloth, you need to retire it from service for the day. A dirty implement will scratch your duco.

3 – Slippery when wet

Use a good quality, pH-balanced soap designed for cleaning painted surfaces, softening water and reducing soap stains. The more bubbles the better.

4 – Sponge or wash mitt?

This matters; either a good quality microfiber sponge or wash mitt is a great investment for the connoisseur.

5 – Soap for show, dry for dough

The microfiber drying towel is the new chamois or towel. They are soft and do not have raised stitching that may leave swirls or scratches.

6 – Make the magic happen

First, rinse your car with fresh water and a little pressure to remove any loose grit or grime. Next dunk your sponge or mitt in the soapy bucket and, starting from the top of the car, work your way down: roof, windows, boot, bonnet, front, rear and sides. Leave tyres and wheels last using a separate sponge, maybe even a brush to help remove brake dust.

Rinse your sponge or mitt in the water bucket after each section before reloading on the suds. Rinse the car after each section so the soap doesn’t dry on the surface.

Start the drying once the whole car is clean and rinsed. I dry windows and doors first to make sure that when I’m reaching for the roof, I don’t soak my T-shirt—wet T-shirts and car washes went out in the 80s. Use light pressure and try to pat the water dry rather than drag your cloth or chamois along the paintwork. Wring out the cloth or chamois regularly. My hottest tip, avoid wearing clothes with buttons, studs or belts as they are duco killers.



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