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On January 21, 2022
We have finally made it into 2022 amidst the chaotic blur that has been the past 2 years. A lot of things have changed, whether that be the day-to-day life activities, having a mask on and off every 5 minutes or the amount of Toyota Hybrids I am seeing on the road. This segues me to my topic of contention for this week's article:

"The future of the automotive world"

One of the big things I have noticed from probably around the end of 2018/2019 and now would have to be the great push of electric vehicles and most importantly, in my opinion, the push to make these vehicles a little more affordable for the likes of you and me.


Gone are the days when there was Tesla and only Tesla, offering their electric vehicle at whatever price they wanted to as the competition simply wasn't there. Enter, Kia, Renault, Mazda, Hyundai, Toyota and the rest. All these manufacturers doing their part to do the environment a good thing and our wallets a good thing.


This is causing a shift in the landscape of the industry.


I get inundated with promotional emails now of every model slowly going electric, with the latest being Chevrolet, debuting a Silverado. That's right, they are offering an EV version of one of the most iconic "Yank Tank" thirsty V8s to ever hit the blacktop.




What this could mean to a degree is that worldwide, manufacturers are beginning to embrace the future of going electric. With more and more research and development, more range of access for materials and parts, the modern EV is becoming less of a Unicorn to create and more of a working horse to mass-produce.


The price of fuel as it sits and has sat for quite some time is high and a tank of diesel in an average dual cab is pushing over $100 per tank, unleaded is much of the same. Could it be the time to take the plunge, invest in an electric vehicle and take advantage of your own bowser at home?


These are questions that are beginning to creep into a lot of people's heads.


Now, I'm not saying that the days of the combustion engine are over as there are so many new vehicles released every single year whether they are petrol diesel or gas that completely revamp modern technology in drivability, efficiency, comfort or even power. I think that the topic of Electric is not taboo anymore and the manufacturers that were built on the backs of the combustion engine are beginning to invite them into the fold and push the boundaries with technology.


Does this mean EV's are perfect or without fault?


Absolutely not. Like anything in life, nothing comes perfect. Electric vehicles come with limitations like locations of charging "bowsers" and the range of the dedicated battery.


Despite this, if you were to go back 15-20 years I can assure you, none of those vehicles was getting 800km out of a tank-like you can get out of a modern-day family mover. These things take time. Time and effort that the combined majority of manufacturers now are willing and able to put in.


Despite being a bit of a petrol head, loving the sound of a lumpy V8 Maloo or even the smell diesel leaves up a hill after a mate's Patrol has just somehow climbed it; I am not apprehensive to the idea of one day sitting behind the wheel of one.

The future seems bright and somewhat electrifying.



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