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Australian V8s... A tragic's taleBack

On June 24, 2020
We warned you that Nick was a V8 die-hard. He's penned a new chapter in his lifelong love story with Aussie muscle cars.


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It was Wednesday, 3 June and with the Queen’s Birthday long weekend on the horizon, I was itching to get up on Thursday morning, and go to work. If my opening sentence sounds crazy, read on and you’ll quickly realize what had me so excited for the daily grind. For this was a special morning, and as I listened to the clicking sound of my roller door, I felt my heart smile.

Sitting in the garage waiting for me in all its supercharged, 6200 cubic centimeter glory, was the swansong of “The General” in Australia… and OH, what a song, HSV’s GTS-R!

Double click the lock button, hold your thumb on the “circly” arrow button, stand outside and the remote start activates the only cliché fit for use, music to your ears that not even your neighbours would complain about hearing every morning.

On my way to work, I stopped for my morning coffee and made sure to catch more than a mere glimpse of this beautiful machine’s reflection. Staring back at me were big 20” wheels, offset with extra rubber at the back to hold on to the road and a little less up front to keep it on the straight and narrow. Complimented by its striking red, six piston brake calipers, it caught the eye of the barista who couldn’t help but comment on the body kit this beast sported.

In any regular car review, I would’ve talked about the ‘X litres’ of fuel it uses over an ‘X amount of kilometres’, its myriad of safety features (which are excellent for an Aussie made muscle car, by the way) and driver friendly options, given you a bit of blah, blah, blah on how comfortable the body hugging seats felt (which they were) and what the overall visibility was like (which was a rearview mirror full of spoiler). But this is not a regular car review, this is me writing a new chapter of my love story with Aussie muscle cars and at this point, I was far too busy enjoying the thumbs up, stares and nods of approval from those I rumbled past.

Would I make it my everyday drive car? As much as I would love to say yes, and as much as I think it could do that job wonderfully, the pleasure of driving this beast should be reserved for the weekends. To get the most out of this incredible machine, you would have to take it off the highway and onto a track, and when you do, hold onto it. Until then, enjoy it as a cruiser and take pride in owning a treasured piece of Aussie motoring history.

Needless to say, a Thursday at work had never been so good, and on the way home, I took the scenic route...



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