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On February 17, 2021
With coronavirus case numbers at 0 (at the time), the reunification of regional and metropolitan Victoria and the weather turning it on meant one thing for me and the boys; time for our first camping trip post-COVID.


After deciding on Dargo as the destination, we set off a little later than planned and arrived at camp at 10.30pm. Unfortunately, our plan to make use of the late sun while setting up camp did not happen thanks to an unorganised mate. But not to worry, we still managed to set up in half an hour and got the fire roaring and the beers flowing.  

Night Shot

The best surprise was soon to come.  

Being an early riser, I was up at 5.30 to the sounds of birds, the river and my chattering teeth because the genius that I am, forgot extra blankets when camping in the High Country. Once I had the fire burning again, I went for a walk into the bush, took care of some morning business and admired one of the nicest views from camp I’d seen.  

Behind our cars was a mountain peak with the sun just peering its head over; it was absolutely incredible. With a few eggs scrambled, a couple tonnes worth of bacon fried and ingested, it was time to hit the road. 

Setup Over the mountain

Our convoy left the campsite, Brad’s Nissan GQ Single-cab, Jayden’s Nissan Navara NP300 and my Mazda BT-50 headed to the start of Billy Goats Bluff. For those who haven’t ventured off road, but are interested in doing so, Billy Goats is an iconic track that is usually pretty easy going the whole way.  


We trekked our way to the top of Billy Goats and were met by a Red Belly Black Snake enjoying its morning snooze under a nearby rock. After the little guy made his exit, we could relax and take in the breath-taking views atop the mountain.  

James' BT-50 on the mountain

Onwards from there we made our path to the top of the ‘Pinnacles’ track which is one of the highest points in the Victorian High Country.  

For beginners there is a nice, cruisy track to get to the walking section of the summit that a basic 4WD would be able to handle. If you’re thinking of your first High Country trip, you have to put this one on the list.  

Pinaccles Lookout

On top of the summit there’s a bush fire viewpoint station which is an awesome sight to see when you think about its important role in locating bush fires in the heat of summer, definitely a must see.  

After taking in the scenery, it was time to head back to camp. As we headed down the mountain my fuel meter was halfway down with a range of 380km. ‘Sweet as’ I thought, which quickly turned into ‘oh s***’ when my fuel range read only 20km left! 

I was sweating bullets, letting the car idle in neutral when fuel wasn’t needed but breathed a sigh of relief after we reached flat ground and my fuel range went back up to 360km.  

After stressing and worrying about making it back to camp, I forgot to realise the fuel had been on that much of an angle that my sensor couldn’t register the fuel in the actual tank… ANYWAY, after some cursing and laughing we headed back to camp.  

Instead of taking the bridge, we opted for the river crossing and being the last night of camp we setup a table by the lake and had ourselves a feed by the water and followed it up with a swim… or a bath, depending on who you ask. After a few beers around the fire, I was out on my camp chair.  

That night I was woken by a howling, being “Captain Courageous”, I grabbed my hunting knife and sprinted to my roof top tent. Good thing I did as a pack wild dogs ran through our campsite at 4am. 


Camping at night






Sunday came and as we started packing up, the perfect weather practically begged us to stay another night. Alas, it was time to book it home, a 3-and-a-half-hour drive which turned into 4-and-a-half stuck behind Brad’s Patrol which doesn’t fare as well in the hills.  

The convoy made it back home in one piece, with only my car missing a door handle from a little mishap on Sunday morning. We were smiles all round and cannot wait to do it again.  

our convoy of 4WDs

If you have any questions regarding four wheel drives, camping locations and tips for going away offroad, send us a message over email or on our Instagram (@eziwaycarclub), where you’ll also find some photos and videos from this trip! 


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