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On August 19, 2020
How my 4-legged friend and my 4x4 are getting me through COVID Lockdown.


For most of 2020, we’ve been faced with uncertainty. None more than what we’re facing now thanks to COVID-19, and with all the restrictions and lockdowns it can be very easy to put your health and wellbeing in the backseat.

I know for me it’s been harder and harder to see an end to the madness each time a new lockdown squashed a glimmer of opportunity. So, the monotonous way of life began to take over, get up, go to work, see how many new cases for the day, go home and go to bed.

All the bad news becomes so overwhelming you stop thinking about how to better handle your own health and wellbeing, physically and mentally. Luckily it takes only four wheels and four little legs to change all that.

To channel my inner Nick, I’ll share a story. I got home one afternoon while there was a little bit of sun left in the sky, slowly pottered around the house before returning to the garage after leaving something in the car. The next thing I knew, Zeus, my 18-month-old Staffy came bustling through the garage door and starts jumping on the side steps of my Ute, barking, talking, smiling and looking at me as if to say, “Jeeeepers Dad, are we going for a drive or what?!”

An instant wave of happiness hit me and I realised that my little man Zeus and I hadn’t been for an aimless drive in a couple of weeks. It’s something I would do frequently because of how happy it made my pup and in turn made me.

So, I grabbed his harness and strapped him in, put the window down and let him hang his head out like a ‘fruit loop’ and we just drove. *

There’s no better feeling than watching my old boy pant and smile looking at the passing landscape out the window of the Ute. It’s honestly a special bond between man, dog and car that I struggle to put into words.

An hour later we pulled back into the driveway, Zeus did his ceremonial marking of every single bush in our front yard, and we headed inside, jumped on the couch and ‘zonked’ it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that caring for our mental health is just as important as caring for our physical health right now. Remember the simple things; your family, your mates, your dog and your car, sometimes that’s all it takes to brighten our day, and a short drive may be enough to change your mood for a day or even a week. It’s always worth a shot.



James Gozzo | Car Club Content Writer
T 03 8768 5777
E james@eziway.net.au


* This took place prior to Melbourne’s Stage 4 Restrictions.

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