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Reviewed | 2021 Mazda 2 Back

On September 02, 2021
Five Years/Unlimited Km Warranty, competitively priced capped price servicing, great tech, and safety with vehicle availability, we share our thoughts on the Mazda 2


There is no shortage of small cars to choose from in the market. A space once dominated by the Hyundai Accent, which was discontinued in late 2020, has seen MG step into the arena with the MG3, to keep fan favourites like the Mitsubishi Mirage, VW Polo, Suzuki Swift, and the all-new Toyota Yaris honest, but the one that has caught our eye is the Mazda 2 and probably for good reason.

At Eziway Car Club we like to keep up with what makes and models dealerships around Australia have on display, in campaigns, in classifieds and are adverting the most. The Mazda 2 is somehow always in the mix.

Its driveaway price, from around $26K for the entry-level, gives the Mazda 2 owner a spritely 1.5-litre motor that loves to rev, matched to a traditional automatic transmission rather than a CVT.

Music, be it AM, FM, DAB, or Bluetooth, comes at you through six speakers and on a 7-inch touchscreen. When you jam it in reverse, the screen shows you what is going on behind you with rear parking sensors, complemented with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, giving you the Navigation App of your choice.

Reverse camera


No matter if you are driving along in an entry-level Pure, middle of the range, Evolve or top of the tree GT - you are rolling on Alloy Rims and safety features like Smart City Brake Support with Pedestrian Detection and Lane-Keep Assist across the range with a few more goodies added as you move up the range.

If you don't have an expectation to cart a Basketball team around, you'll sit comfortably in the front seats and probably fit your longest legged passenger, behind whoever is sitting up the front with their seat forward. 60:40 split back seats increase your boot space from 250 litres, significantly to give you room to take a suitcase or three with you for a trip into the countryside, away from where the Mazda 2 would normally do most of its work. The magical 5.3l/100km fuel consumption figures reported by the manufacturer might be a little optimistic, but with a mix of highway/city driving, low to mid 6's can be achieved.

Whether a highway or a winding road, is your exit from the Mazda 2's natural habitat, the drive will be a comfortable one, don't expect race car handling and performance but do expect a ride that isn't interrupted by, obscene tyre, engine or wind noise and steering inputs and feedback that are more inspiring than what this car segment would normally provide.



Mazda has always given buyers cars that are appealing to look at, comfortable and reliable to drive with a build quality that wears well and feels solid throughout the years of ownership. Mazda 2 is probably due for an update that extends beyond headlights, taillights and wheels given that this current generation has been on our roads for six years. But Mazda has not let buyers down, by making all the necessary tech and safety upgrades as the model have evolved.

We give it a thumbs up, a tick of approval and a round of applause with an overall rating of:



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