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On August 12, 2020
If you’re looking for a well-built car under $40k, the Cerato GT is definitely worth considering.


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I drove it, I liked it and if you’re looking for a well-built car under $40k, the Cerato GT is definitely worth considering. Twenty years ago, yours truly would insist that when it came to a turbocharged, 4-cylinder hatchback, there wasn’t much more worth saying. But, the Nick of today understands this is nowhere near enough, and nor should it be, as the KIA Cerato GT deserves a pretty good spell.

After jumping out of the Carnival a week earlier, it wasn’t hard to notice the Cerato GT serves a very different purpose. It’s not the car you would use to haul the masses to and from weekend sporting commitments, but, it’s definitely the car you could jump into and scoot around town in while still having plenty of range to hit the open road. Even with a crew of four adults (not as vertically challenged as me) on board, there is still plenty of room to enjoy the leather seats and sporty looking interior.

Its wide opening doors also make it easy to get in and out of. Passengers in the front enjoy heated/ventilated seats and won’t need to argue about the temperature, with dual zone climate control.

While the driver enjoys the Smart Cruise Control, AEB, sharp steering and suspension, a quick-thinking passenger can place their phone on the wireless charger and control the tunes thanks to KIA’s well-integrated Apple CarPlay/Android Auto system.

If you’re a driver like me, you might try to wrestle back control and turn the volume down so you can enjoy the sounds coming from the dual tip, performance exhaust which is enhanced in the cabin in sport mode (listen out for this in our video).

But after driving the Cerato GT in all manner of ways over the course of a week, I thought it did everything it needed to do, and do it well in Smart Mode which basically learns your driving style.

Our review was based on the Cerato GT Hatch, which was so popular it just about sold out! At 150kW @6000rpm and 265Nm of Torque, the GT is superior in the performance and even the economy department to its S, Sport & Sport + cousins, which hold their own in this market for value, performance and economy. The GT is also the only one with a 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission, which is a little more fun with the paddle shifters at your fingertips.

“Hot Hatches” are usually Curtis’ specialty and I’m forever reading about the plethora of vehicles entering the category. Like most of my top ten’s, my number 11 is choc-o-block but I think the Cerato GT may have snuck out of 11th spot.

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