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On March 10, 2022
Pulling up next to the fuel bowser is becoming an expensive habit for drivers, fuel prices are climbing higher and there is no sign of the climb easing.


So, we’ve asked Nick, the biggest petrol head from the Eziway Car Club to share his thoughts on how to get more out of each tank. 

Tip #1 Keep it smooth.?


Tip #1 Keep it smooth. 

Like one of Nick’s coffees at our Eziway customer, site visits. Easy on the accelerator and gentle on the brakes, can do wonders for fuel economy around town. Resist the temptation to be the first off the line at the lights, because more often than not, it will only lead to being the first to arrive at the next set of lights. On the highway and when safe, use cruise control, now and then a little bit of driver intervention when the flats get hilly can help, but this simple suggestion can not only help save fuel but save the surprise in the mail when the speedo creeps over the posted speed limit. 

Tip #2 Keep it healthy.?


Tip #2 Keep it healthy. 

A healthy car is a happy car, preventative maintenance is a great way to keep your car running at its optimum, keep it out of the workshop for expensive repairs and help retain value at resale, with up-to-date service books. So stick to the manufacturer's recommendations when it comes to oil changes, filter changes and spark plug changes. Keeping tyres properly inflated is also a great way to help save on fuel and help you get the most out of them.  

Tip #3 Keep it clean.?


Tip #3 Keep it clean. 

If you are cruising around with the picnic set in the boot, the roof racks on the roof and the bike rack on the back when you don’t need to, all your doing is adding weight and wind drag to your trip. This will harm your fuel economy. And although it won’t make a direct difference, Nick's motto is a clean car is a happy car and a happy car leads to a happy driver, which makes Tip #1 just that little bit easier.  



Tip #4 Keep it short.?


Tip #4 Keep it short. 

Sitting in the car when your trip is done to finish that phone call with the car idling, or letting the car warm up before setting off, are surefire ways to see the dollar bills, fly out the exhaust. A little bit of gentle driving for the first few kilometres is a much more efficient way to let a car reach normal operating temperature and have you on your way sooner. 





Tip #5 Keep it cool.?


Tip #5 Keep it cool. 

If you are feeling a little warm as you are heading down the freeway, resist the urge to crank down the window to feel the breeze, hit that AUTO button on the A/C and let some chilled air cool you down. Besides we all know that windows down, with the tunes up loud and an arm out the window, is reserved for Chapel Street in Melbourne, The Grand Boulevard in Brighton or The Valley in Brisbane. 

Although Nick had a little bit of fun with this one, we did manage to extract from him that the way of the future will be more and more electric motoring, hybrids are doing amazing things for drivers who are already saving on fuel, especially around town and features such as stop/start at traffic lights reduce unnecessary and wasteful idling. 

And don’t forget the best way to save on all your vehicle running costs, is via the tax savings that come with an Eziway Novated Lease. Find out more today.  


Nick Kotsonis | Corporate Relations

03 8768 5777


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