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On June 12, 2019
Shopping for your next car is an emotion-filled experience. Use our insights to have the confidence and drive away with a great deal.


In our latest Eziway Car Club article we look at shopping. Not just any kind of shopping mind you, real shopping; shopping for your next car. This is an experience that is changing fast. Land is becoming too expensive to support even high-value commodities such as cars and the lots they are presenting in. Manufacturers are embracing online selling and the likes of Tesla even appear in shopping centres alongside our favourite retail brands.

At least for a little while longer, we can still enjoy the razzle-dazzle in Dealerland as they host ‘Main Events’ to promote runout models, end-of-month sales, or EOFY discounts in a flourishing carnival atmosphere. Anything to attract our passing gaze: sparkles, balloons of all sizes, flailing Tube Men and even the odd B-grade celebrity, are common tricks, but the reality is 2019 has seen a steady decline in new car sales across most makes and models. Toyota, Hyundai and Mazda represent the bulk of sales, but only because of their popularity among fleet buyers.

Over my journey I’ve bought and sold cars both in Dealerland and from my driveway. I’ve sought to control the emotions and impulses as a buyer, and exploit them as a seller. Nothing is more valuable than research when it comes to deal time. If you’re ready to buy then you’ve probably done your research and know where your preferred vehicle sits in the market. Promotional sales are a great way to get buyers through the door, but as buyers we can capitalise on the heightened anxiety of competing dealers to make sales at this time of year. It’s a handy bargaining tool so use it.

From research comes confidence in the deal. It never hurts to ask your dealer: “What is the best you can do?” Retail pricing is a fallacy. Make sure you ask for available extras to be included in the deal such as tinted windows, floor mats and tow-packs. It also doesn’t hurt to have a wingman or woman by your side. They offer support, a rational head and a person to walk away with to discuss matters.

Don’t have a support person? Keep an eye out for our Eziway Car Buyers Coach promotion—release the doves and queue the razzle-dazzle. Our ‘Car Coach’ will make himself available to accompany you on your car shopping venture. Your day will start with a pre-shopping coffee where you will discuss strategy, cars and a plan of attack. You will then visit a dealership where you can see, smell and drive the car you are keen on and work together on negotiating the best price possible. If you are thinking of trading, our coach may also be able to give you a hand to get that little bit more for it as a trade-in.

Make Eziway a part of your next car shopping experience and enjoy the savings that come with our buying power, competitive fleet-based pricing and years of experience in the industry.



Nick Kotsonis | National Business Development Manager, Eziway Leasing

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