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On August 13, 2021
Manufacturers have had to ease off gross manufacturing and have been blaming the surging demand and lack of supplies.


As many of us know, the past year and a half has thrown everything but the kitchen sink regarding our lifestyle and changes to our day-to-day life. Unfortunately, amongst all the changes, car manufacturers have changed their ways of producing and delivering motor vehicles. It certainly feels like the days are long gone when you would pull up to your local dealer with a specific model, colour, and car in mind and low and behold, there she was!


Cars have become more sophisticated over the years, and with many of the new model cars requiring specific chips to make them function to our technological standards the demand has been incredible. Manufacturers have had to ease off gross manufacturing and have been blaming the surging demand and lack of supplies. Some of Australia’s most popular makes and models are now in short supply and delivery times are rumored to have been pushed out to late 2021 or early 2022 even if ordered now. Heres a list we've compiled of the wait times on certain models: 



25 New cars with long waiting times

Hyundai Santa Fe: Four to five months
Hyundai i30 sedan: Three to four months
Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain: Three to four months
Kia Cerato: Sold out until updated model arrives in June
Kia Sorento GT-Line: Two to four months
Mazda 3: Two to three months
Mazda CX-30: Two to three months
Mitsubishi ASX: Allocated by Mitsubishi on case-by-case basis
Mitsubishi Outlander: Two to three months (certain models)
Mitsubishi Triton: Two to three months (certain models)
Nissan Navara Pro4X: Three to four months
Nissan Patrol: Late 2021 or early 2022
Nissan Qashqai: Two to three months
Nissan X-Trail: Two to three months
Suzuki Vitara: Two to three months
Suzuki Jimny: 12 months
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: Six to seven months
Toyota C-HR Hybrid: Three to four months
Toyota HiLux SR5 luxury pack: Two to three months
Toyota HiLux Rogue and Rugged X: Three to four months
Toyota Prado: Three to four months
Toyota Fortuner: Three to four months
Toyota Hiace: Four to five months
Volvo XC40: Three to four months
Volvo XC60: Three to four months
**Timing estimates are based on dealer sources. Some models and options may have different arrival times. Source: CarAdvice.com.au April 2021** 

Why and how does this affect you?


With the surge in demand and shortage of certain supplies, a lot of popular vehicles have been put 4-12 months on the back foot due to a backlog of orders.


 This flow-on effect has led to some manufacturers not letting people choose what colour they would like and send the car out with basically a 'luck in the draw' system. 


All of this may seem like doom and gloom but there is some solace.


 For those looking into purchasing a new car here are a few things to think about so you can get ahead of the curve and avoid being left on the side of the road with no wheels to get you around:

  • Think long term: By thinking long term, I’m talking about being weary of your situation and when you would like to update your car, or even when your current lease is coming to an end so you can put it in an order with some time to allow for the extended waiting periods.
  • Think demos/new used: Sometimes you'll find what you’re chasing in all kinds of places. Taking the time to search up some of the newer used cars or current model demos is exactly what you're looking for without the excruciating wait.
  • Think ‘good things come to those who wait': If you’re the complete opposite of myself, one with a lot of patience, maybe sticking out the wait time is worth it. A lot of brands are trying to commit themselves to grind through the backlog and get it moving again but we will have to wait and see. 


Times are changing and unfortunately in some cases, we just have to adjust. That doesn’t mean you won’t be getting the car of your dreams, but you may have to wait just a little bit longer for it!


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Sources: https://www.drive.com.au/news/

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