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On June 18, 2020
It's one of car ownership's greatest responsibilities - vehicle maintenance.


A quick glance at the dashboard revealed a number on the odometer I hadn’t seen since my days of shuffling people to and from Melbourne Airport.

You see in a former life, yours truly, covered over a million kilometres behind the wheel’s of multiple cars. So when I saw the digits, 538,079 (which would take you to the moon and nearly back again) the “driver” in me thought… how did this car keep driving for so long? The answer, maintenance! Fresh oil, fresh water and clean filters go a long way; keep your car serviced, and it will thank you.

In previous articles, we have provided tips and tricks on keeping your car clean, and how to check that everything’s in order between services. This time around, we’ll touch on one of a car owners greatest responsibilities – vehicle maintenance, and why the benefits of a Novated Lease make it one of the most convenient avenues to car ownership.

Most new vehicle manufacturers now offer extensive warranty periods, some with unlimited kilometres. Add to that fixed price servicing, these offers not only represent great value, but show the confidence manufacturers have in their product.

Now for many, this might not mean too much, but for the car lover in me, this is important, especially considering most of these warranties fall within an average Novated Lease term. What does this mean? Even when your lease period comes to an end, quite often, the vehicle still has some warranty left*. This gives you, as the driver, the added peace of mind that you have managed to retain good value in your car without even giving it a second thought.

A well-maintained vehicle with up-to-date log books is very appealing to any dealership or private buyer. It also ensures that regardless of whether you choose to hold onto the vehicle, or hand it down to someone in the family, you can be confident it has been maintained to manufacturer standard.

The passive benefits of a Novated Lease are the ones that let you relax and enjoy the drive. One convenient fortnightly payment looks after your vehicle’s finance obligations, fuel and tire expenses, registration and insurance budgets, and vehicle servicing costs.

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Nick Kotsonis | Corporate Relations

T 03 8768 5777

E nickk@eziway.net.au


*Manufacturer and vehicle dependent

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