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2019 Volkswagen Golf R Back

On May 24, 2021
A tried and tested formula leading the hot hatch market
Volkswagen Golf R


Viewed by many as the King of hot hatchbacks, it was time Eziway Car Club got behind the wheel of a Volkswagen Golf R to see what the fuss is about.

Admittedly, there’s not much I can say that hasn’t already been written about this car. When I last checked, the official Volkswagen Australia website claims stock on the current model Golf R “has been exhausted. Stay tuned for Golf R coming in 2022.”

The model in question is the 7.5 series that first hit our roads in ‘R’ format as far back as 2017. Since its release, there has been a Wolfsburg Edition (2017), Grid Edition (2017/18), Special Edition (2018), and finally last year, the Final Edition (2020).

While we weren’t able to get our hands on a Final Edition, there’s still plenty to get excited about in the standard, 2019 model.

As far as looks go the Golf R is sleek and subtle, maybe a little underwhelming for my taste. Aside from the 19” alloy wheels and gloss black sports body kit, visually there isn’t too much that separates the Golf R from the other variants in the line-up.

While I might not love that fact, it’s a feature of the Golf R that endears it to so many of its drivers, the ability to attract very little attention to itself and then deliver bucketloads of fun and power with a moment’s notice.

That brings me to my next point… power.



Under the bonnet of the Golf R is a 2-litre, 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with VW’s famous 7 speed DSG gearbox. This pushes out 213 kW @ 6500rpm of power and 380Nm of torque.

The result? 0-100 in 4.8 seconds (some claim as low as 4.5) and some of the smoothest power delivery you could imagine. And if you’re looking for an even meaner take-off, the Golf R is equipped with a launch control feature.

While that satisfies the ‘power’ aspect, it doesn’t quite fulfil the ‘fun’. And a common criticism of the Golf R is that even in Sport or Race mode, it lacks the extra bite from the exhaust you might get from a Focus RS for example.

But as far as the car’s performance goes, there’s not a lot that can be faulted.


The inside of the car is very ‘VW Golf’. It’s very clean and sleek, much like the exterior, and the 8-inch digital dash is responsive and loaded with features, including Apple CarPlay.

Unfortunately, some pieces of plastic on the centre console cheapen the interior of the car slightly but otherwise the leather seats are comfortable, and the addition of dual-zone climate control make the interior of the car a noticeable step-up from the 7 series.



Should you buy this car?

Hot hatchbacks tick a lot of boxes. They’re practical, reasonably cheap to run and come loaded with big power in small packages. The Golf ‘R’ and wider Golf range has been a leader in the small car market for a few years.

But deciding on whether the ‘R’ is the hot hatch for you, comes down to what you’ll use it for. If that’s as a comfortable, inconspicuous daily drive then you won’t be disappointed.

However, as the 7.5 series nears retirement, finding one brand new is going to be a challenge. But don’t despair, there are plenty of options available in the used car market, and the best part? Just because it’s used, doesn’t mean the benefits of a novated lease are off the table.

Taking out a Novated Lease on a used car is not all that different to one on a new car. Provided your car is no older than 9 years old at the end of your lease, you’re good to go.

To find out more, contact our novated lease consultants on 1800 932 394.



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