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Could there still be life left in Australian vehicle manufacturing?Back

On July 15, 2020
Just when we thought it was "curtains" for vehicle manufacturing in Australia, along comes H2X.


If Commodore’s, Falcon’s, HSV’s and FPV’s hold a special place in your heart, this one’s for you.

Heard of H2X? Maybe not. But chances are you might learn to love the new H2X Ute and SUV. This bold company from our own backyard are daring to dream by creating hydrogen fuelled electric vehicles, bringing jobs, inspiration and love for our own cars BACK into the minds and hearts of Australians.

When I said “learn to love” these H2X vehicles, I meant it. As a bloke that loves the smell of diesel soot and whose ringtone is a crisp V8 red lining in 1st gear, the attraction to H2X wasn’t immediate. I’m learning to love them by embracing the future.

Now, less about me and more about the cars! The H2X Ute’s super aggressive look is much more futuristic than our current model vehicles with sharp lines, robust front end and a wide, patrol like stance. The fact that the car is electric is definitely something to get used to, but with the industry heading in new directions, kudos to H2X for being gutsy enough to give it a crack.

Under the bonnet, a whopping 190kw stock standard makes most current dual cabs look more than just a step behind. These crazy outputs make electric vehicles almost undisputable as they consistently outperform regular petrol and diesel cars.

The Ute is fuelled by a 60kw fuel-cell which will be rechargeable using our very own hydrogen reserves that we luckily enough have an abundance of. Being an electric car there is no turbo lag, no DPF dramas and an eco-friendly first approach, allowing the driver to do their part in reducing emissions and climate change.

Along with the Ute, H2X is also manufacturing an SUV, “Snowy”.

The “Snowy’s” lines and appeal take inspiration from the current model Range Rover Evoque in my opinion, with sleek door panels and a tapered off rear end giving it the elegant SUV look and feel. The Snowy will have the same engine out-put as the dual cab with an impressive 190kw on hand.

The futuristic feel continues in the interior of both Ute and SUV. A fully interactive display, ultra-sharp door panels and what seems to be leather seats give the interior an impressive look, however, being so early in production it is difficult to say exactly what options will come with these models.

Overall, the interior and exterior of the “Snowy” is testament to H2X’s forward-thinking approach of bringing the future to today.

Unfortunately, with limited information available at this stage, there are no definite dates or price ranges for these vehicles. However, the H2X website has the “Snowy” slated for a 2022 release, so let’s get excited about the fact that we have some ‘Aussies’ willing to take a punt. Bringing manufacturing on home soil along with jobs, opportunities and pride back to the Australian automotive industry.

As proud Australians, that’s something we all should get behind.



James Gozzo | Car Club Content Writer

T 03 8768 5777

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