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On July 16, 2021
There is no doubt the small SUV is a very popular choice for drivers, and in recent years, manufacturers have listened and given drivers a plethora of choices in the market.


First on sale in October 2017, the Kona from Hyundai proved to be versatile, practical, and reliable, which made it a hit in many applications from fleets with high demand to the daily drive for many households. 

For something a little different at Eziway Car Club, we grabbed the keys to a used 2019 Kona Active, in white, from the range at Essendon Hyundai (contact Eziway Leasing to let us help match you with a car and dealership available near you). 

Throughout our time with the Kona, we reflected on how it has evolved over the years and just how well the example we were in had held up, even after clocking 23,000 kms.  

The 2.0 litre petrol engine ran like clockwork, the interior, although a little plain, had no real signs of wear and not one rattle or creak had crept into the cabin. Cruising up the Tulla Freeway in Melbourne, our aim was to see how close we could come to Hyundai’s quoted 7.2l/100km. And with the mix of driving on our test, we had no trouble achieving this. Had our journey been in the sportier, punchier, 1.6 litre turbo, coupled to a seven-speed dual clutch transmission, we would have been aiming for under 7l/100km, despite driving all four wheels. 

Since the debut of the Kona, Hyundai has made a few tweaks to the range, offering “Kona” in place of the “Kona GO” which was introduced with the MY19 model, “Kona Active”, “Kona Elite”, “Kona Highlander” and two trim levels of the sportier “N Line” (Click here to see specs and features table ), all models equipped with Hyundai SmartSense™. 

The Kona sits in good company, with quality competition in the popular Mazda CX-3, funky looking CH-R from Toyota, KIA Seltos, Honda HR-V and the Nissan JUKE. 

“As far as a budget, small SUV is concerned, the Hyundai Kona Active is a great way to go”. Nick Kotsonis - Eziway Car Club 

“Choosing the Kona Highlander for our Patrol Cars was really a no brainer. Driving from site to site, we cover plenty of KM’s in a shift, and our guards can fit all their gear in the back and get around safely. Running costs are reasonable, and it was the right colour”. Con Papadopoulos - Unified Protective Group 

Unified Protective Group

Love the Kona or any of the other small SUV’s listed in this article? Own one today with Eziway Leasing. Talk to our friendly consultants via email; carleasing@eziway.net.au or call 1800 932 394. 



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