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Buying your next car
Buying a car is an emotion filled purchase decision. Eziway match buyers with the perfect car to suit their lifestyle. Drive away with peace of mind thanks to Eziway Leasing.
I am in the market for…
Your budget
How much are you willing to spend? How can a Novated Lease help?
There are two components to purchasing a car; the initial cost price and the running costs (fuel, servicing, insurance, registration, etc.).
With this in mind, some great cost-effective options include current model hatchbacks and small sedans. Their fuel efficiency, service rates and model range represent great value for money. Some examples include:
Toyota Corolla
Mazda 3
Kia Rio
Hyundai i30
Use the Eziway Car Search tool to look for other cars that fit your budget.
Your style
Cars are an emotional purchase experience. Picking a car that suits you and reflects your style will keep you in love with your new ride for years to come.
For years, car manufacturers have tailored their cars to meet the needs of each buyer in the growing car market. From hatchbacks to SUVs and family movers, there’s plenty of options to suit your circumstances. Maybe you can relate to one of the following:
Do you head to work in city traffic? Squeezing your way through tight car parks? Then a hatchback or small SUV might be perfect.
Do you prefer more space? Room to fit the kids and the shopping? A mid-size sedan could meet that need.
A Novated Lease with Eziway gives you the power to select the car that suits you.
Use the Eziway Car Search tool to find a car that suits your style.
No doubt safety is foremost on your mind if you’re thinking about handing a set of keys over to your son or daughter.
The good news? Many of today’s cars are packed with safety features that will help your kids make it home safe. You want to look out for cars with 5 Star ANCAP Safety Ratings, some examples include:
Hyundai Veloster
Honda Civic
Volkswagen Golf
Mazda 2
A great resource is the Howsafeisyourcar.com.au website, giving you the safety information for a wide range of cars on the market.
An Associate Lease is a great option to get the savings of a Novated Lease while also helping your child into their first car. With an Associate Lease, your child as the ‘associate’ makes repayments to you for the lease, while you save thousands in pre-tax deductions. A win-win for you and your children.
The Eziway Car Search tool makes it easy to search for the safest cars on the market.
Looking to pack the car and hit the road on an adventure?
Australia is a country full of beautiful scenery and the chance to see some amazing sights, even from behind the wheel of your daily drive. Car manufacturers are meeting this need with options including:
Mitsubishi Pajero
Toyota Land Cruiser 200
When thinking of using your daily drive on a getaway, it’s important to consider:
  • Towing capacity
  • Gross Vehicle Mass, or GVM. How much can the vehicle handle once fully loaded
  • Seat capacity, 5 or 7
  • Fuel economy
  • Reliability
Search for your next road trip workhorse using our Eziway Car Search tool.
The car market of 2020 is the market for the family car. There has never been a wider range to meet the needs of your family. Some great options include:
Rav 4
When it comes to the family car market in Australia, there are a wide range of options from many manufacturers, each one packed with safety features and creature comforts to keep everyone happy.
Some things to consider before purchasing include:
  • Seat capacity, 5 or 7
  • Car comfort for driver and passengers
  • Fuel economy
  • Value for money
With more options than ever, find your next family mover using our Eziway Car Search tool.
Combine your love for cars with the savings of a Novated Lease.
A Novated Lease is not limited to your everyday vehicle and there are no criteria for how you use your car once the keys are in your hand. So why not make your next car the one that takes pride and place in the garage? Explore the wide range of vehicles available with Eziway Leasing.
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Use our Eziway Car Search tool to pick your next ‘pride and joy’.