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On January 28, 2021
One of a kind Australian Muscle Car.


Since we first started Eziway Car Club I was introduced as the “Hot Hatch Expert”. While it’s true my current set of wheels is a beautiful 2018 Ford Focus RS Limited Edition, that’s not to say that a 6.2L, supercharged V8 LSA engine won’t get me excited.


Check out the full video here.


The Maloo has been in the news this week thanks largely to a 1-of-4 built W1 being put up for auction and breaking the record as the most expensive Australian-made road car. While the W1 will ultimately take the cake as the HSV Maloo swansong, the GTSR will be a sought after, and much-loved car for years to come.

Full disclosure, this is a car that I’ve driven in the past and when the opportunity presented to drive this beast again, I was not going to say no. This particular build has been finished in striking Sting Red, paying homage to Holden’s iconic Red Lion and features a 6-speed manual transmission, one of only 106 Maloo GTSR builds to do so*.

Not a bad word comes to mind when describing the experience I had of driving this car. It’ll plaster a smile on your face from the moment you get into it, till the moment you get out, letting you think you’re in control as you shift between gears in its Tremec TR-6060 gearbox. But don’t get too comfortable, this is a wild animal that is always ready to attack with a simple flutter on the peddle.

As you’re cruising along it can be easy to think you’re in the sedan variant of the GTSR, and that’s where this car can easily surprise you. The lack of weight in the back end not only makes a clean take off a challenge, it makes you concentrate and show respect through the corners (especially if the surface is wet).

The interior is comfortable and well optioned, if not what you’d expect from a GEN-F HSV. The diamond-quilted stitching in the seats adds a layer of luxury in what is an otherwise track ready, race-car feel.

My parting thoughts, the HSV Maloo GTSR is an amazing car to look at and drive. It’ll tick all the boxes of a V8 enthusiast and moves closer towards “future classic” status with each passing year.


*if you believe what the internet tells you.



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