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Our Top 5's Back

On January 08, 2021
We bring your our Top 5 cars, driving roads and road trip tunes from 2020.


Cars, driving and good music, we love them all, in no particular order. All three are vital ingredients in the Eziway Car Club Recipe Book, and in this article, we’re sharing our “Top 5’s” of each with Eziway Leasing. 


Hyundai i30 GO

It’s a favourite for first car buyers and ticks all the boxes for price, reliability and running costs. Leased over a 4-year term, options are plentiful, (sell it at the end of your lease with a year of warranty left or enjoy the peace of mind if you choose to refinance for another 12 months). 


Mazda CX-5 Maxx Sport

Not a month went by in 2020 without SUV’s as clear novated lease favourite. Why do people love them? Thanks largely to their great resale value, and the CX-5 was one of our best sellers in 2020. Simply put, it’s an SUV which is built well, family friendly and well equipped. 


Toyota HiLux SR5

It’s got wheels, and plenty of chrome, see our review here & here. The HiLux has been featured in the Top 10 best sellers according to Carsales for many years and was number 1 in 2019 & 2020. We always knew it was a fleet favourite, but it’s also super popular in the novated lease space. For those that want an alternative to an SUV, don’t need seven seats, but want that extra freedom. 


Mercedes-Benz A35 AMG

Another one we reviewed and discussed In 2020. This one got our attention as its popularity grew amongst Eziway Leasing customers. It looks the goods and is as much go as it is show, think of it as a “luxury hot-hatch” with plenty of bells and whistles to justify the price tag. 


Toyota Landcruiser Prado GXL 

We’ve got one in our fleet and “Uncle Joe” loves it. In fact, we had to bribe him with a new car just to get him out of it. This one regularly appeared in our special offers during the year. Why? You ask. We continued to get enquiries on the bulletproof Prado and always worked hard to get you the best deal. And with EziDrive, exclusive to Eziway Leasing, we do all the legwork for you. 



Now that we’ve revealed our “Top 5” cars for the year. Here are some roads you can take them on when it comes time for your next adventure.  

Great Ocean Road (Victoria)  

Enjoy the mountains and the ocean on a winding bit of bitumen with plenty of places to stop for photos and coffee along the way. 

Great Alpine Road (Victoria)

From Wangaratta, climb up to Mt Hotham, enjoy the sights, the village atmosphere in the towns along the way and the sweeping bends down the hill, along creeks and rivers to Bairnsdale. One of my favourites. 

Mt Panorama Bathurst Circuit (NSW) 

A must for every “Revhead”. Experience the tarmac that has been the birthplace of motoring legends. Resist the temptation to mash the loud pedal though, it’s a residential road with speed limits. 

Nullarbor Plain (SA-WA) 

Although I have never experienced this, it is on the bucket list. It’s straight, long, and gives you the perfect opportunity to give the stereo a workout, whether it’s with podcasts, audiobooks or cruising favourites (more of that one below). 

Grand Pacific Drive (NSW) 

We see parts of it on commercials and it looks every bit as impressive in real life. Capturing 140 scenic KM’s from the Royal National Park to Shoalhaven, this is a must do. And my hot tip is hit the Jamberoo Pass and Macquarie Pass back to the Hume for the cherry on top of a great weekend drive.  


Good Music 

Whether it’s a playlist on your smart device, a USB stick, a CD, or for the Old School like me, a mix-tape, here are our “Top 5” favourite tunes for a Road Trip. 

Let’s Go – Calvin Harris and Ne-Yo 

It’s got treble, it’s got bass and one of the first tracks to get the road trip started. Whether it’s an open road or a boulevard cruise crank this one up nice and loud. 

Listen to Your Heart – Roxette 

Any road trip worth it’s worth needs a rock ballad. And Roxette give us big hair, 90’s, guitar, synthesizer and a love story. This one has you hitting repeat at least twice. 

Are You Gonna Go My Way – Lenny Kravitz 

We don’t take any responsibility for speeding tickets and always encourage safe driving, but when this guitar riff starts, the blood does pump a little bit harder. Keep the cruise control on for this one.  

Treatment – Labrinth 

This one can never be loud enough and has me trying to decipher the lyrics for miles on end. As the sun sets on where I’ve been, the odometer clicks away that little bit quicker when this is on. 

Sound of Silence – Disturbed 

Simon & Garfunkle did it well and they did it first, but this version just takes it up another notch. When you are almost at your destination, this one will have you singing at the top of your voice.  




Nick Kotsonis (Car, Music and Driving Tragic)

T 03 8768 5777

E nickk@eziway.net.au

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