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On May 22, 2019
If the daily grind is getting the better of you, load up the car with the family, the dog or just yourself and reset on a roadtrip.


Golfing, fishing, meditating not your thing? Buckle up, ‘fat arm’ it out the window and enjoy the vista; we’re cruising down the Zen Highway to reset our chakras on a road trip.

As a post-grad revhead (honours), I subscribe to the theory that the best way to clear the carbon from the carburetor is to hit the highway, but I’ve grown to understand that this applies equally to ourselves.

For many of us, our cars are our sanctuary. Yes, they get us from A to B, but they are often much more than that. Whether your go is catching up on a podcast or audiobook, or—like me—singing along to a mix tape (read ‘USB’) of power rock ballads (read ‘anthems’), then a few kilometres on the open road and your troubles diminish like images in the rearview mirror.

Time spent on the road is often a chore; traffic to battle, car parks to probe and clearly inferior drivers to ‘somehow’ forgive. So, when the opportunity to exit the burbs by open road presents itself, my soul soars. Naturally a clean car is a happy car, so a quick tub before filling the tank and running through the preflight checklist: restful sleep, polarised sunglasses, anthems loaded and a bottle of water. It’s GO time.

On the open road, the craft of driving alters. Hustle and bustle give way to landscape, car tail lights are replaced by truck chrome and pedestrians are substituted by wildlife. It’s almost too easy to relax. You need to take regular breaks, stretch your legs and even invest in a powernap.

Australia is a big, beautiful, country, boasting scenery from sweeping plains to coastal delights; rolling hills to snow-capped peaks; and sandy dunes to lush rainforests. Hundreds of quirky destinations lay a few hours’ drive from our major cities making them ideal for quick getaways.

So, if the daily grind is getting the better of you, load up the car with the family, the dog or just yourself and reset on a roadtrip. If you need inspiration keep an eye out for our next edition where we will put together some ideas from our readers.

We would love to hear from our members. Drop us a note on your:

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For anyone that is really keen, tell us how you “roadtrip”. The best story will win a special package ideal for your boot to make your next roadtrip one to remember.



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