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On January 31, 2020
We're back for 2020! Here are some handy maintenance tips to ensure you get the most out of your car.


We figured it was high time to get our hands dirty and discuss how to make your car beautiful on the inside. Pop the bonnet, kick the tyres and lean into vehicle maintenance.

Eziway’s Dashboard Warning Lights

Most modern cars have more bells and whistles than the early space shuttles, giving us plenty of notice when something requires attention. Even seasoned rev-heads like myself have been guilty of ignoring these and eventually learnt the hard way – stranded on the side of the road.

1. Battery

When starting your car, if the twitch of your starter motor sounds like a tired raven rather than an excited sparrow, it might be time for a recharge. You can expect about three years’ life from a battery.

2. Radiator and Cooling System

First, check the overflow bottle fitted to most cars for clean fluid and a level sitting between the markers—never remove the radiator cap on a hot engine. If your car regularly loses coolant, there may be a leak which needs professional assessment. Next, inspect the hoses and pipes leading to and from the radiator and heater, the fuel lines and any pipes associated with the power steering or brakes.

3. Engine Oil

You’ll feel like a proper ‘Grease Monkey’ after this one:

  • park your car on a level surface
  • start your car and let it run until it reaches normal operating temperature
  • turn your car off
  • with the engine warm, remove the dipstick and wipe it clean with a paper towel or a cloth
  • reinsert the dipstick and recheck that your oil sits between the markers
  • while the bonnet is up, check the wiper fluid level as well to be a step ahead of tip 5.

4. Tyres, Steering and Suspension

Do you fight the steering wheel just to keep things straight? Are you bouncing around like Michael Flatley on stage? Could the vibration of the steering wheel churn milk into butter?  A ‘yes’ to either question is a sign that you need to look at your wheel alignment or balance.

Poor tyre inflation leads to uneven tread wear. Use the tyre pressure gauge at your service station to ensure inflation meets the manufacturer’s recommendation. Excessive wear could indicate an incorrect alignment or issues with steering and suspension, so get this checked by a professional. And while you’re there, check the oil.

5. Windows, Mirrors, Wipers and Lights

Time to keep our eyes on the prize, make sure everything is clean and free of cracks and scratches. Headlights, taillights and indicators are easily checked by switching them on and walking around the car. Don’t forget to check your number plate light. Take a glimpse of your ride’s reflection in the window, engage reverse, back things up and keep a foot on the brakes. If all looks bright, away you go.

Of course, DIY does not substitute for regular servicing by a reputable workshop. A Novated Lease arrangement ensures this happens seamlessly by including servicing costs in your fortnightly payments. The best part is that it is not only a great way to reduce your tax bill, but an easy way to maintain the resale value of your car with stamped log books.



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