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On July 25, 2019
Electric Cars - What's the buzz? Is it the power to drive or are we ready to be driven by power?


Reality Inertia: the tendency of our lives to remain the same, even though popular culture would have us believe that amazing toys are about to transform them.

Reality Inertia explains why our kids aren’t scooting between tagging walls on hover boards and why I don’t have a robot maid—replete with apron and wheels for legs—to clean up after me.  Back to the Future and The Jetsons have much to answer for.

A study by the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland—let’s call them RACQ—has posseted a competing theory, as to why we aren’t all driving around in electric cars in a country, where they would clearly prove useful. It appears they are more expensive to run compared to petrol or diesel cars. Although electricity is cheaper, than petrol or diesel on a per-kilometre basis, depreciation and the steep purchase price of pure-electric vehicles mean they're still pricier to own over five years. According to the report, a Hyundai Kona Electric Highlander would cost owners $13,431 annually (assuming 15,000km a year) compared to $8,501 a year for a front-wheel drive Kona Active, or $11,384 for a Tucson Active SUV. Of 22 vehicle categories, electric vehicles rated the costliest at $310.19 per week. Electric and hybrid vehicles currently account for just 0.23 per cent of new-car sales this year. I think I’ll have my hover board before my electric car……. For now!

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