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“Are you the only employer not offering novated leasing? ”

They can save 1000s on the cost of a new vehicle
GST is not payable on new vehicles under a novated lease.
We capture short-term discounts and runout sales for their benefit
Our Dealer Portal sees suppliers fight daily to supply your vehicle via an online auction
They will track multiple quotes online
Ezidrive makes it easy for drivers to manage and accept lease quotes.
They can extend savings by paying for running costs in pre-tax dollars
Fuel, tyres, registration and maintenance can be paid for in pre-tax dollars
They can bundle extended warranties and insurances into one fortnightly payment
Choose from our competitive products or bring their own
Their calls are answered in seconds by sector experts
No more being kept on hold for hours
Their claims and amendments are processed the same day
No more waiting multiple pay cycles to be reimbursed for costs.
They have the sector’s leading technology at their fingertips
Our experts are where you want us, when you want us, nationally.
No hidden surprises is our promise
Our Salary Packaging Impact Statement shows total cost of ownership.