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Suzuki – Entering the EV ringBack

On July 03, 2023
Suzuki's highly anticipated fully electric SUV is speculated to arrive in Australian showrooms by 2026, marking the brand's entry into the electric vehicle market.


Recently, images of the Suzuki EVX have emerged during its testing phase in Europe, providing car enthusiasts with a closer look at its size and features.

Taking design cues from the Hyundai Kona, the Suzuki EVX exhibits a sleek exterior, compact body, and spacious cabin. The interior showcases a contemporary style, featuring a twin display setup which has become increasingly popular with recent electric vehicles. The unique two-spoke steering wheel adds a touch of distinction, while trim and leather is likely to be used for the interior.

Equipped with a reliable 60kWh battery, the Suzuki EVX claims an impressive range of 550km on a single charge, a crucial aspect for the Australian market where long-distance travel is common. This ensures that drivers can rely on the vehicle for their daily commutes and more extended journeys without the need for frequent recharging.

Moreover, there have been widespread speculations that the Suzuki EVX may adopt the Vitara name, adding a sense of familiarity and heritage to this new electric SUV. While further details about the vehicle's specifications and pricing are yet to be disclosed, the imminent arrival of Suzuki's first electric SUV has sparked excitement among automotive enthusiasts and those eagerly awaiting the brand's entry into the electric vehicle segment.


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