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Eziway has changed the way you purchase a motor vehicle. 
MyEziwayAccount App gives you direct access to hundreds of car dealerships across Australia from the comfort of your home. 
Our approved dealer network bids for your desired vehicle ensuring value for money.
MyEziwayAccount App allows you to manage the entire leasing process, from online vehicle tendering, finance application and approval to the delivery of your new car on one convenient and easy to use platform.
We understand that with any new innovation, there’s always questions regarding how it works and how you can best benefit from it - let us answer some of these questions:
EziDrive is a secure online platform that allows you to setup your next lease in five easy steps.
Step 1: My Quote – Provide us with the specifics relating to your new car and enter your personal details that we’ll save so they’re pre-filled for next time.
Step 2: Quotes Accepted – View the status of your quote. If a quote is rejected, you’ll be contacted by a consultant to assist you with a solution.
Step 3: Finance Application – It’s time to generate a finance application based on your personal circumstances. Find out the status of your application within hours, not days. Again, you have the option to save your details so they’re ready for future quotes.
Step 4: Delivery Details – Your car specifications are submitted to our large network of dealers, who then aggressively bid to give you the best deal. Once you select the best quote, you can liaise directly with the dealer on the delivery of your new car.
Step 5: My Vehicle – Keep track of the relevant details associated with the whole lifecycle of your lease.
Definitely not. At the outset, your dedicated Leasing Consultant will provide you with a Salary Packaging Impact Statement, which provides a detailed overview of the impact a new vehicle will have on your salary packaging account and income profile. It includes budgets for on-road costs and predicted running costs for the life of the lease. Nothing is left unanswered.
Yes, of course. You’ll have a dedicated novated lease consultant from the start who’ll always be on hand to assist you throughout the whole lifecycle of your lease.
Yes of course you can! The more specific you are, with the make, model, inclusions and even colour, the better it is.
The finance process is fast, easy and convenient. Once you’ve entered your relevant personal details, Eziway’s settlements team will look after the rest of the process. And because we don’t want you repeating this process, we’ll save your information so the next time, if changes aren’t needed, it’ll be prefilled and ready to be submitted.
Quotes are live for eight business hours so dealer responses are quick. You can contact the dealer via the EziDrive Module to clarify or further specify details of your car, putting you in control of all discussions with dealers who want your business.
Yes of course you can! If there are any changes required throughout the quote process you can request a revision from Eziway.
Access the EziDrive Module via your Employee Dashboard. Login at eziwayleasing.com.au
If you already have an Eziway Leasing account, then no. You’ll be able to access EziDrive via your Employee Dashboard. Login at eziwayleasing.com.au
If your employer is registered with Eziway Leasing, then no you don’t. Contact your HR department to find out whether your workplace is registered with Eziway.
If you have more questions about EziDrive please contact our Novated Leasing team on 1800 932 394 to talk to one of our dedicated Leasing Consultants who’ll be able to further assist you.
Get started with EziDrive today and enjoy all the benefits of the Eziway Leasing Experience!