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Eziway is a boutique provider of

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Novated Leasing

benefits. Novated Leasing is the most popular method of purchasing a new vehicle. We manage more than 250 employer clients nationally with thousands of

Novated Car Lease

arrangements under careful Eziway Management.
Our systems are dedicated to the faultless administration of this tax status and our dedicated service model is tailored in every case to meet the growing needs of each client. Eziway administers the Novated Lease car arrangements from a sophisticated

Car Lease Calculator

that factors all Group 1 and Group 2 benefits for full-time, part-time and casual staff.

What is a Novated Lease?

Car Leasing

Novated Car Lease

is a three-way arrangement between You, Your employer and the Finance company allowed under Federal Tax Law. You agree to pay for the cost of the car and expenses including; petrol, servicing, insurance and registration. These payments are made-up of a combination of pre and post-tax dollars. When you Salary Sacrifice the lease and maintenance costs of your car in pre-tax dollars, it enables you to save on tax.

How does a Novated Lease work?

New Car Leasing

You choose a car

We get the lowest price

We get the lowest price

set up lease

We set up the lease

You enjoy the saving

You enjoy the savings

A Novated Lease with Eziway is simple and easy. Start by watching our helpful video, then jump on to our Novated Lease Calculator to calculate the estimated tax savings and benefits.
An Eziway Novated Lease gives you the freedom to select your own vehicle, whilst having the peace of mind of our national dealer network to save you time and money should you prefer we source the vehicle and negotiate a purchase price.
We then do the running around, setting up the lease agreement and having your employer sign a deed of novation allowing pre and post-tax deductions to come from your salary.
Lastly, you enjoy the benefits and tax savings of a Novated Lease including; discount fuel and tyres, fixed priced servicing, wide range of insurances and no GST incurred on cars purchased through a dealership.
Novated Car Lease
  • Vehicle Purchase: Enjoy total freedom to select a new or used vehicle from a dealer and take advantage of our fleet discounts and buying power Eziway can provide.
  • Objective Advice: We are not aligned or associated with any dealers or financiers, so our guidance is independent. You will receive a full cost breakdown and disclosure.
  • Great Savings: You can enjoy considerable tax savings due to paying for a vehicle cost in pre-tax dollars.
  • Better Budgeting: We prepare a Salary Packaging impact statement that breaks down all the running costs based on your pay cycle for a fully maintained option. Therefore, this means no hidden surprises.
  • Extra Peace of Mind: Access a range of car care, warranty, optional insurance cover to safeguard against costly repairs or lease short falls.

What's Included

Finance Repayments

Finance Repayments

service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance




New tyres





* These figures are estimates only, based on current drive-away, RRP for a Fully Maintained Novated Lease, over a 60-month term, travelling 15,000kms annually and based on an annual salary of $75,000 and are inclusive of the tax saving. Price includes Basic Gap cover. Photos are for illustration purposes only and actual vehicle may differ from image. Final quotes are based on information you provide.

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