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Meet The Team

Eziway Salary Packaging has been Australia’s trusted provider of Salary Packaging Benefits since 2007. Of all the benefit items available, it is the Novated Lease that stirs the most interest and excitement.

Enter Eziway Leasing. Eziway’s expertise in procuring and managing new vehicle leases is the envy of the industry and greatest comfort to our clients. In 2019 we launched the Eziway Car Club to showcase our passion for cars and keep members across all things motoring.

Meet the team behind the Club.
  • Nick K was taken home from the Delivery Suite in May 1975 strapped to the front bench seat of a VH Valiant Ranger. He will tell you that it was the smell of vinyl and leaded petrol that powered a life-long love affair with Aussie Muscle Cars. Stuck in the 90s—probably somewhere along Melbourne’s Chapel Street—Nick provides his unique insights on how to get the most out of your car thanks to the many km’s under his belt.
  • James G is Car Club’s apprentice. His passion was fueled from a young age by 2-stroke which he mixed to feed his PeeWee 50. Now James loads a CRF 450R onto the back of a 79 Series Land Cruiser, and tears around the backblocks of Gippsland where he grew up. We turn to JG for all off-road tips, tricks and adventures, and thankfully we can also rely upon him winch Nick out of sticky situations.
  • Curtis H’s passion for driving blossomed after spending days-on-end as a youngster cruising ‘Olympic City’ from the family loungeroom. Now wearing his big-boy pants, Curt’s Need for Speed has moved from the screen to the bitumen as our Hot Hatch expert. His passion for these turbocharged ‘pocket rockets’ gives our Car Club some extra polish and he spends most of his time trying to reign in the ‘enthusiasm’ of his colleagues.